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360 - Smart Home Devices

SRRC Certification


Why Choose HTW?

1. According to SRRC relevant regulations, it is required to change the product model and start over if SRRC test fail in the authorized laboratory. While, The pre compliance test service provided by HTW can effectively avoid such problems.

2. HTW provides urgent service, which can speed up and assistant your products access to the market

3. SRRC conduct very strict technical documents review, and many customer spend much time on documents preparation. HTW can be assistant in document preparation, and guaranteed to pass the review quickly





Smart Home Devices



Technical Application

BT(Bluetooth /BitTorrent),WiFi,2G/3G/4G/5G


Target market and service requiements

China / SRRC certification


Samples/Prototypes Prepared

5 sets of fixed frequency prototypes with welding wire

1 set of complete fixed frequency prototype


Documents Prepared

1. Application Form ;

2. A copy of the "Business License " of the applicant unit, and an introduction to the production capacity, technical force, and quality assurance system ;

3. Equipment model technical specification or technical manual, circuit block diagram or schematic diagram and instructions for use;

4. A set of color photos of the equipment. The photos should clearly show the applicant unit, equipment model, equipment serial number, and the structure size of the equipment;

5. As to foreign applicant, they shall provide a copy of the certification document of the foreign approval;

6. If the applicant is an agency,  it is required to submit a letter of authorization and a copy of the "Business License" of the agency;

7. Test Report issued by recognized labs within six months;

8. Copy of the company employee identity document and personal valid identity document.



1 The Bluetooth fixed frequency must be a non-signaling connection ( software or command mode), not a signaling connection mode (connect to CMW500).


2 about delivery time


EU TO China :3-5 work days

US TO China :3-5 work days

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