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Gateway (IoT)

IoT Device / Gateway Testing and Certification

About HTW Lab:

HTW lab provide professional IoT certification and testing services that will help get your products to market faster, enabling greater sales and revenue. For technical regulation support, technicians at HTW are able to help you understand technical regulations and product design specifications.

Communicate with our experts to determine your needs and we will provide you with an evaluation, proposal and quotation. Email:

Why Choose Us?

HTW Lab, accredited by CNAS, CMA, CNCA & A2LA, consistently operates competently and generates accurate and valid results in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025. We are also IECEE CB Scheme Test Laboratory (CBTL). Thus, testing reports from HTW Lab can be accepted between countries. 

HTW Lab has more than 20 years experience in providing wireless products testing and certification service, which is supported by our internal professional and technical team. We are capable of providing the CE/FCC/SRRC and other international certifications. Our IoT testing services cover a wide range of wireless devices including cellular radios, Wi-Fi, RFID, ZigBee, Bluetooth and BLE devices. We gained valuable experience in this field, with customers from the Healthcare & Life Sciences, Customer Electronics, Household Appliance, Telecommunication Industries etc. On the basis of acquired experience and the accuracy of testing, we can ensure the safety of your products and speed up your time to market.

Your Benefits At A Glance:

1.20 Years Of Experience

HTW has extensive experience in all types of devices and regulatory requirements across markets. 

2.Provide Free Modification Service Program

Together with our wealth of knowledge in complex regulations globally, HTW provides a complete suite of testing solutions according to your needs including free Modification service.

3.Save time to global markets

With over 7,000 square meters of labs, HTW offers the best testing cycles and you don't have to wait in line, HTW offers 1-on-1 service.With our in-depth insight of global product quality and regulatory requirements, HTW can optimize your costs and minimize your time to market.

4.Complete qualifications

ISO/IEC 17025 lab, accreditated by CNAS, CMA,A2LA,GLP.

5.Competitve price

located in China ,Testing costs are lower than other labs.

    We're Here for You

    We're based in China but regularly work with clients globally. We will get back to you in 1 working day.

    Our Business Hours: 

    8.30am - 5.00pm in CST (UTC/GMT+08:00) Monday - Friday 


    Looking forward to receiving your email !

    HTW Testing and Certification Solutions.

    Certification Services We Offer

    Certification Service

    America FCC

    EU CE

    Canada  IC

    China CCC / SRRC / CTA

    Japan  MIC

    Australia RCM

    Korea  KC

    Singapore IMDA

    Taiwan NCC

    Thailand NBTC

    Vietnam MIC

    Malaysia SIRM

    Brazil ANATEL

    India WPC

    Philippines NTC

    Other Global Certifications 

    Product We Test

    Gateway Products


    Location Tracker (NB-IoT)

    Smart Lock

    Smart City Products, Water Meter, Electricity Meter, Gas Meter (NB-IoT)

    Standards We Test To







    EN 301 908-1 V11.1.1

    EN 301 908-13 V13.1.1

    EN 301 489-1 V2.2.3 

    EN 301 489-52 V1.1.2 

    EN 50360:2017

    EN 50566:2017

    EN 62209-1:2016

    EN 62209-2: 2010/A1:2019


    United States

    FCC Part2

    FCC Part22

    FCC Part24

    FCC Part27

    FCC Part15B

    FCC Part2.1093

    FCC Part2.1091



    RSS-130 Issue 2

    RSS-132 Issue 3

    RSS-133 Issue 6

    RSS-139 Issue 3

    RSS-140 Issue 1

    RSS-199 Issue 3

    IC ES 003

    RSS-102 Issue 5



    Article 2 Paragraph 1 Item (11)-19

    Article 2 Paragraph 1 Item 21-3

    Article 2 Paragraph 1 Item 54

    MIC Notice No.88 Annex 79






    AS/CA S042.1:2018

    AS/CA S042.4:2018

    AS/NZS 2772.2-2016

    AS/NZS 62368.1:2018

    Testing We Support



    • Maximum Output Power 

    • Minimum Output Power 

    • Peak-to-average Ratio

    • Transmit Adjacent Channel Leakage Power Ratio

    • Transmit Spectrum Emission Mask

    • Occupy Bandwidth 

    • Band Edge

    • Frequency Stability

    • Transmit Spurious Emission


    • Reference Sensitivity Level

    • Adjacent Channel Selectivity

    • Intermodulation Characteristics 

    • Blocking Characteristics 

    • Spurious Response 

    • Receiver Spurious Emissions



    • Conducted Emission 

    • Radiated Emission

    • Harmonic Current Emissions

    • Voltage Fluctuations and Flicker


    • Electrostatic Discharge

    • Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Field (80mhz~6000mhz)

    • Fast Transient Common Mode

    • Radio Frequency Common Mode (0.15 Mhz ~ 80 Mhz)

    • Voltage Dips and Interruptions

    • Surge

    • Vehicular Transients and Surges


    • Maximum Temperature Test

    • Electrical Power Sources (PS) Measurements for Classification

    • Input Test

    • Simulated Abnormal Operating Condition Test

    • Simulated Single Fault Condition Test

    • Durability, Legibility and Permanence of Markings

    • Battery Test

    • Steady Force Test

    • Drop Test

    • Stress Relief Test

    HTW Testing Equipment


    Test Range






    Lora, Zigbee, Sigfox, Bluetooth, WIFI, NFC, RFID



    GPRS, LTE-Cat M, LTE-NB, Lora, Zigbee, Sigfox, Bluetooth, WIFI


    DASY 6

    Experience in Testing Process

    Q1: If the product contains an eSIM card, how to deal with it?

    A1: You should use a physical SIM card slot instead of eSIM card

    Q2: How to test IoT products?

    A2: IoT products need to establish a communication connection with Wideband Radio communication tester CMW500.

    Q3: What test items are easy to fail?

    A3:Transmit Adjacent Channel Leakage Power Ratio, Transmit Spectrum Emission Mask, Transmit Spurious Emission, Reference Sensitivity Level

    For IoT devices using GPRS (ESim Card), LTE Cat M and LTE NB, It is not easy to establish communication connection with radio communication test equipment. It’s usually caused by the inconsistent authentication codes of eSIM and test equipment.

    Reviews & Endorsement

    1.  ‘I was very satisfied with our cooperation. We may continue in the near future. Keep in touch and have a great day! ’


    2. “Never received such a fast, precise, helpful, professional, and very smooth service for test report, and certification!”

    Service Procedure

    1. Provide us with product pictures, product brochures/manuals

    2. Determine your needs(test report purpose/ test itmes/ standards)

    3. Receive the testing/compliance service proposal and quotation 

    4. Sign contract and make payment

    5.Send samples (please contact us for address info.)

    6.Informed project opening and test TAT(turn around time) via email


    8.Draft report for your confirmation

    9. Formal reports endorsed by ILAC - CNAS (electronic version) 

    10.Sample Discard or Return

    Our Accreditation and Cases

    HTW Lab - Since 1980, specialise in IoT & wireless device testing. We work with you and grow your business. Kindly check our accreditation: ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited - CNAS: L1225; A2LA: 3902.01; FCC: 762235; IC: 5377A. In addition, login to FCC official website, find and click on 'Test Firm', search for 'HUATONGWEIto see our cases on record (1655 Applications can be Found). Follow us on YouTube, you can find the step-by-step instruction - HTW Lab FCC Certification.

    Screen Shot 2022-01-14 at 16.00.37 pm.png


    Requirement of Technical Documents

    Non-technology Documentation 

    • User manual 

    • Label 

    • ISO certification of manufacturer (optional) 

    Technology Documentation

    • Schematics 

    • Operational description 

    • Block diagram

    • BOM 

    • PCB Layout / PCB placement (optional)

    • Antenna specification (optional)

    Qualifications of HTW Lab

    IS0 17025

    • CNAS (CNAS L1225) 

    • CMA (180015143568)

    • A2LA (3902.01)

    Accredited by Agency

    • TUV-SUD, ACB, NEMKO, EMCC, PHOENIX, Micom, Applus etc.

    Accredited by


    • EU 

    • USA (FCC No.: 762235)

    • Canada (CAB ID: CN0027)

    • Japan

    • Australian, New Zealand

    • ... ...

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