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Safety Laboratory

Nowadays, the international market has put forward requirements for the safety performance of export products. Europe, North America and even other Asian countries have proposed different standards for safety regulations. How to export different countries to better meet the corresponding safety standards has become a major problem for enterprises. With many years of experience in security services and professional technical team, Huatongwei provides you with a personal solution.

Our Advantage
Huatongwei Safety Laboratory is an IEC accredited CBTL laboratory, which can directly issue CB reports and win the sighting laboratory qualifications of many internationally renowned certification bodies such as TUV (RH), UL, CSA, ITS, MET, etc., to help customers optimize the testing process. Shorten the certification cycle.

Our Service
Provide international certification tests for GS, CB, UL, CSA, ETL, MET, etc.
Consulting and training on national safety regulations, standards and safety certifications
Safety design guide
Provide test site rental service

Safety Test Range
Electronic product safety inspection
IEC60950-1 IEC60065 IEC60335-1 IEC60598-1
UL1598 UL153 UL8750 UL1993 UL935

Mechanical performance safety inspection
EN/ISO 12100-1 EN/ISO 12100-2 EN ISO 14121-1 EN 60204-1
EN ISO 13857 EN ISO 13849-1 EN ISO 13854 EN ISO 13732-1 EN982
EN983 EN ISO 3746 EN ISO 3744

Medical standard safety inspection
IEC60601-1 IEC60601-2-27 IEC61010-1 IEC60601-2-46 IEC 60601-2-40
IEC60601-2-38 IEC60601-2-35 IEC60601-2-49 IEC60601-2-30 IEC60601-2-25
EN1060-1,-3 EN/ISO9919 EC11

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