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Comarch Technologies


Products:Gateway Products



Technology Used:


Target Market:

EU, North America, Australia, Middle East countries, South American countries (Brazil).


Everyone who responsible for international certification knows that Brazil certification means a long and torturous process, almost 3 months. We supply with pre-testing services to save delivery time and sample preparing(debugging) time for customer.

Almost all certifications when accessing to these areas and countries above, can be transferred based on CE or FCC certification/report. So we supply CE and FCC certification first, and then make the others, finally it saved much money, and 10 weeks short during the entire project.

Our laboratory has been authorized by Notified Body and TCB related to the Internet of Things, reports issued by our lab can be well accepted.

It is recommended that customers use/buy certified modules for their products, which will save the cost of product certification. When the module is certified, we need to check the relevant test report and certificate.

Test Site:


Samples and Documents:

CE:  host product(2 sets) , RF sample (1 set)

Document list:

Test reports and certificates of certified modules used by the product

Schematic diagram of the product

Block diagram

PCB Layout



Electronic label and label position

Fixed frequency test software and guidelines for Bluetooth/WiFi/LoRa

Problems during testing:

NB-loT and LTE Cat M1 signal can not be connected with R&S CMW500. they have been implanted with a specific authorization program for signal transmission. The only solution is to contact with Program company, and informed them the module need to connected with R&S CMW500 first, then arrange sample delivery and RF test.

Express delivery time(DHL/UPS):

EU to China:  3-5 working days

US to China:  3-5 working days

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